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    • Freshness
    • Available certificates
      There are many certifications and achievements that may advance and benefit your resume. The following is a list ranging from music, sports, education and even hands on events.
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    • Competitions and Awards
      Within this forum, different competitions within Ontario are shown with awards, only if the required placement is met. Please note that it is your responsibility to find your certificate/award if it ever gets lost.
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    • Job Opportunities
      Post the available job opportunities to inform your friends. Feel free to post the required information if you are doing tutoring or have other sorts of job which is applicable to members of this group
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    • RS gold
      Archeology Powerful New RuneScape ability Available in RuneScape
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    • rsgoldfast OSRS gold
      There's a lot going on at the backend to get <a href="https://www.rsgoldfast.com/">https://www.rsgoldfast.com/</a> that will improve features without altering the basic feel of runescape, but it's slow progress. OSRS has no full time Engine development roll, they have to spend some time from RS3's programmers and just so much time can enter new features instead of maintenance purposes. RS in general will be hampered by the fact that there is probably more Presidents than people who really understand the fundamentals of the motor. A few games are disabled (Battle for Meridell, Keyquest, Habitarium) and Hannah and the Pirate Caves is about impossible to play on modern browsers, but what else remains available The whole old staff has left, and because of runescape being a wreck of PHP code constructed on amateur development in addition to heaps amd heaps of flash content, it is a real pain to do any kind of development work. There are a few of recurring events such as Altador Cup and Advent Calendar, there is reeeaaally reluctant movement towards mobile with a candy crush clone and scrabble match, and last year they had a genuine plot which was executed about as poorly as may be. Late stage mmo market is hitting runescape difficult. Anything that does not have a gameplay/display value is worth nothing, significance toys along with many food and anything labeller as a"present" item will essentially never be rewarding to restock. But the battledome currently gives prizes for competing against solitary runescape participant objectives, like codestones, faeries, and certain opponents give nerkmids that leads to paintbrushes. This alongside a great deal more powerful weapons being given out in events means battledome is reachable though stat coaching is as dull as and there are upgrade paths through Hidden Tower. There are trendy developments as well. Lately they enlarged pet slots so every account can have six instead of four <a href="https://www.rsgoldfast.com/">cheap OSRS gold</a> and you will find new paintbrush colors including Steampunk, Toy, and Chocolate. Monetization is weird. Its largely clothing to dress your pet up, but at this condition in runescape that is the content. Like providing you with a completely free faerie quest every day, there are gameplay impacting fortune cookies that do different week effects based on the kind you buy.
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    • Scholarships
      There are many scholarship opportunities both for undergraduate and graduate students. Different scholarships have different requirements. For further detail, see the origin of each scholarship and submit the requirements to be enrolled in any or all of the scholarships provided across Ontario.
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    • Tutoring Center
      Within this forum, the following tutors guide and direct students through their questions. Please note that it is your responsibility to contact the tutor and set your timelines.
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    • Volunteering Opportunities
      The following section involves available volunteer opportunities across Ontario. Please keep note that not all of these opportunities are accepted by all schools. Consult your guidance counselor to determine if any of the following list is unacceptable to your school. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to have your volunteer form signed by the company or organization.
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