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    • Open the hbomax.tvsignin program and then click the login button.
    • You will see the 8-digit code appear on screen after this. Write a code note to enable hbomax tv.
    • Go to hbomax.com/tvsignin in your Mac PC, laptop, or any mobile device for access.
    • Enter the hbomax code you are seeing on the TV screen.
    • Click Allow Access in order to allow the sign-in process to begin at max/tv sign in.

    <p>hbomax/tv sign in enter code for Roku devices? </p>

    • Sign in to your Roku account using a login and password.
    • Find out if your Roku device has already been set up in HBO Max.
    • If yes, then you can begin watching HBO Max; otherwise, first, install HBO Max.
    • For HBO Max, you must sign up for HBO Max app, log in using your email address and a password that you’ve made.
    • After you’ve completed this you can go to your hbomax.com tvsign to start.
    • The activation code is entered in the box provided by Roku TV.
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