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    Ceramic Coating Richmond BC
    What you need to know about ceramic coating.
    Ceramic coating is a modern way to protect a car from mechanical damage, chemical exposure, and the environment.
    Ceramic Coating Richmond BC https://www.rdidetailing.ca/post/ceramic-coating-richmond
    In addition to protection, nanoceramics restores the former luster of the surface.
    Apply protective equipment to the body, wheels, dashboard, interior trim, seats. Thus, the color is preserved, dust accumulates less, and further care is facilitated.
    It is better to entrust the procedure to the employees of a detaling center or a service station, because it is not always possible to find funds on your own and besides, special tools are required. Give preference to those organizations where a guarantee is provided. In order not to get to incompetent employees, it is worth reading reviews on the Internet.
    When choosing a protective mixture, it should be borne in mind that a high-quality product a priori cannot have a low cost. A high-quality coating resistant to external influences can last 1-2 years, a cheap analogue will last for a maximum of 4-5 months. It is necessary to take this point into account.
    You can wash the body no earlier than 2-2.5 weeks after applying the ceramics. It is better to carry out the process in a hardware way, without rags. Otherwise, stains and stains may appear after the procedure.

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