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    Echo – the best Java developers
    Are Java and JavaScript (JS) the same thing?
    Before proceeding to what Java developers do, it is worth dispelling the popular misconception of newcomers in the field of information technology: Java and JavaScript are the same thing? In short, no, Java and JavaScript are not the same thing.
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    Java is a general-purpose object-oriented language used for programming and developing various software, ranging from web applications to games. As in most programming languages, Java code is run and compiled in the development environment (JDK, Codeflow, and others).
    JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting programming language popular in the web. The main purpose of the language is to write scripts for HTML pages. It is an essential tool for a web developer and creator of websites/web applications.
    Nevertheless, compared to Java, JavaScript can be called an auxiliary language that is used in already created software (but Java is also often used for refinement), and implies knowledge of programming languages/markup/styles. Also, JavaScript code is written in text form and does not require a compiler, running exclusively in browsers.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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