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    Orthodox beeswax candles – Church Candles 21 cm – 10 pcs.
    Welcome to “Candles Fantasy,” where you’ll discover an array of wax candles available in various at affordable prices. We also offer custom-made candles to meet your specific needs. Additionally, we have Orthodox beeswax candles, specifically Church candles measuring 21 cm in length, available in packs of 10.
    You can order Orthodox beeswax candles in the Workshop “Candles Fantasy”.
    Our Orthodox candles offer the following benefits:
    1. Superior Quality: All our candles meet the highest quality standards. With a burning time of 120 minutes, a length of 21 cm, and a thickness of 6.0 mm, our beeswax candles are perfect for enhancing your meditation, prayer rituals, and home altar.
    2. Beeswax Material: Opt for the purity of beeswax when choosing candles for your meditations and rituals. Beeswax possesses natural properties that can enhance your spiritual practice.
    3. Delicate Honey Aroma: Our Orthodox candles fill the room with a gentle honey aroma, creating a special atmosphere that adds to the ambiance of your space.
    4. Candle Care Recommendations: To maintain the quality of our candles, we advise storing them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Please note that the shape and color of the candles may change during use.
    Beeswax candles not only serve as beautiful decorative elements but also offer unique benefits to enrich your spiritual practice. Natural beeswax has properties that can purify the air, uplift mood, and enhance concentration by eliminating bacteria and viruses.
    When you purchase candles from “Candles Fantasy,” you can trust in the quality and environmental safety of our products. We exclusively use natural wax and refrain from using harmful chemical components in our production process.
    In addition to our Orthodox candles, we offer a wide selection of other candle types, ranging from classic smooth designs to decorative ones with intricate elements. Choose from various sizes, shapes, and colors to create a unique interior in your home or to gift to your loved ones.
    Make your selection today and indulge in the beauty and comfort that candles from “Candles Fantasy” bring.

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