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    Program Companion

    They assist participants to socialize and engage in conversation and invite them to join in activities

    Activity Leader

    Our Place is blessed with a team of highly skilled volunteers. Based on their skills, every week they are involved in activities such as leading yoga classes, performing live music, preparing for bible study, facilitating the peer discussion group, deejaying at our dances or teaching the Writing Workshop. Do you have a particular talent you would like to share with the Our Place participants?

    Receiving Deliveries

    Our Place receives a weekly donation of food from Second Harvest. The donation needs to be moved from the truck into the Centre. Duties also include sorting the donations under the direction of our Cook and rotating existing stock in fridges, freezers and the storeroom.

    Dishwashing/Kitchen Help

    Full dinners are served every Tuesday through Friday. Soup, snacks and coffee are available during all program hours every day. Kitchen volunteers assist our Cook with tasks including clearing counters, washing dishes and removing garbage and recycling. Food leftovers are wrapped and stored safely. These volunteers are required to commit consistently to one day per week, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

    Student Placement

    Our Place frequently hosts students completing their practicum placement hours from colleges and universities. Students from Social Services, Pharmacology, Social Work, Community Work, Mental Health and other similar programs are all suitable. Students help facilitate program activities such as discussion groups, bingo, karaoke, yoga sessions, tournaments and movie night. Students also engage directly with participants, and depending on their program of study, help mediate conflicts, provide informal counselling and referrals to resources in the community. Students serve as a part of the staff team, completing all regular communications, such as updating the daily log and client files, recording program statistics, attending staff meetings and completing other administrative tasks as required.

    How to Apply

    A Volunteer Orientation is planned every month on a Saturday, 1:00-3:00. Applications are completed during monthly Volunteer Orientations. A criminal reference check and resume are required. Contact us here.


    More information about volunteer opportunities at Our Place can be found online at VolunteerToronto.ca


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