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    Organization: Canadian Multicultural Inventors Museum
    Date Posted: 2018-12-03
    Posted By: Francis Jeffers
    Date Needed: 2018-12-10
    City: Toronto
    Location: Ontario
    Country: Canada
    Primary Category: Research Positions
    Type of Position: Short Term (Less than 3 months)

    Description & Details
    Position: Researcher/Writer


    To research selected scientists, educators or other contributors in the fields of science, mathematics, medicine and technology. These individuals tend to be also inventors, innovators or researchers in their chosen line of work.

    Your task includes identifying these individuals, compiling and writing and editing summaries of their biographies, in a format that is suitable for exhibit.

    You will also source photos of the selected individuals, (usually internet) when possible, to be included in the exhibit.


    Your assignments can be done from home. There will be meetings for updates on your progress, or to answer any inquiries you may have at least once a week, which can take place in person, or via telephone or skype as determined between you and your supervisor. You should be available to work 2-4 hours a week.


    You should have access to a computer to conduct research and compile data. You must have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Word. Knowledge of Excel is preferable but not necessary.

    You must be able to work with minimum supervision, and be able to communicate and write in English. You should have an interest in history, and a passion for STEM education would be an asset. You should be deadline oriented and available for meetings when scheduled.

    Screening: If selected, you will be invited to do an interview with a CMIM senior staff member at your earliest convenience.


    The work you do is crucial to the growth of the exhibit material that CMIM displays to the general public, youth and in particular diverse youth, with the aim of encouraging the pursuit of careers in STEM; these fields suffer from an under-representation of minority groups, and CMIM is committed to steering aspiring youth to explore these career options. Your work helps to encourage young people to become producers and innovators of Technology.

    If interested, please contact CMIM Executive Director Francis Jeffers at multiculturalmuseums@gmail.com. For more information on CMIM, please visit our website: multiculturalmuseums.com and/or call Francis Jeffers at 416 839 2442.

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