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    SHSM provides students (Grade 11, 12) with an opportunity to:

    Customize their secondary school education to suit their strengths, interests and abilities
    -Develop specialized knowledge and skills
    -Earn credits that postsecondary educational institutions and the sector recognise
    -Gain sector-recognised certification and career-relevant training
    -Develop Essential Skills and work habits documented through the Ontario Skills Passport
    -Identify, explore and refine career goals and make informed decisions about their future
    -Remain flexible, with the option to shift between pathways, should their goals and plans change.

    Students who successfully complete a SHSM will have a special SHSM Red Seal embossed on their Ontario Secondary School Diploma and will also receive an official SHSM Record documenting the SHSM credits earned, and the industry/business sector related certifications and training received, as a part of their SHSM.


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