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    Thursdays Lunch Servers

    Organization: St. John the Compassionate Mission
    Date Posted: 2018-11-23
    Posted By: Father Roberto Ubertino
    Date Needed: 2018-11-10
    City: Toronto
    Location: Ontario
    Country: Canada
    Primary Category: Food Prep/Kitchen Work Positions
    Type of Position: Long-Term (3 months or more)

    Description & Details
    You will serve people at their tables creating an environment that is more family-like than institutional. Eating together is a not only a biological need but also a basic human need. By breaking bread together we feel connected with others. You will work with a team of other volunteers. Usually volunteers eat after everyone else. We would really appreciate it if you could stay and help clean up. We wash dishes the “ancient way” that is by hand 🙂 and after washing dishes we share tea, stories and often a few laughs. We can accommodate your schedule so contact us. Please contact us by email only. Thanks in advance.

    On Thursdays beginning at 10:00am till 1:30pm, we borrow some baking chores from our social-enterprise bakery next door(peeling bananas, cutting butter, chopping onions ect. We do this work as a community, sitting around a big table. The work, while very important, is primarily meant to be therapeutic. Just as people might do in the old country, people gather, gab about the latesthappenings in their lives, all the while working with their hands. I’ts soul food.


    We are in need and welcome volunteers who feel they can commit at least four hours per week to help serve those in need.

    Skills And Experience Required

    •Basic Level English
    •Sense of hospitality

    •Close to subway station
    •Close to bus or street car stop
    •Paid parking available
    Minimum age:



    You will encounter some of our most vulnerable and marginalized people in Toronto, those who fall through the gaps in the social safety net. If you have an interest in social justice, community outreach work, public policy, etc., you will greatly benefit from this experience.

    Additional Information:

    Interested in volunteering with us in as a greeter, kitchen support, or with cleaning duties? Please come down to St. John’s, you must attend a volunteer orientation meeting with the Mission’s Prior, Paul, at the beginning of your first desired volunteer shift with us (see shift schedule below). When you arrive at St. John’s, 155 Broadview Ave (north of Queen E), please introduce yourself to staff, and ask to speak to Paul. Orientation meetings run several times a week at the beginning of each volunteer shift.

    Required language:


    Mandarin and Spanish an asset


    Close to subway station

    Close to bus or street car stop

    Paid parking available

    Minimum age:


    Minimum hours:

    4 hours per week

    11:00am to 3:00pm

    Task requirements:

    walking and standing


    Accessible building


    You will get to know many different people and learn what you will never learn at social work school about an aspect of Canadian society that is well hidden. You’ll most likely make some new friends and appreciate your old ones more too…you may come up with ideas for new soap operas series.

    How to Apply / Contact
    Volunteer Opportunities


    Email: George at info@stjohnsmission.org

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