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    Why should you get a Bengal cat?
    The character of Bengali cats.
    Cats are strongly attached to people. They are especially fond of those who take care of them. It is often possible to see such a phenomenon as a Bengal cat sitting on the paws of its owner and purring loudly. These feelings are priceless.
    With a Bengal cat, you can safely walk on the street, because she is not afraid of other animals, even those that are several times larger than her. Apparently, wild genes play a certain role here. They also contribute to the fact that the cat is well trained, can remember even the most complex commands. The intelligence of the animal is high.
    Bengal cattery “Jungle Kitten” sends Bengal cats and kittens Worldwide & everywhere in Canada https://catterybengal.com/
    Do not be surprised if one day you see how the animal opened the closet door on its own or flushed the toilet. And what is a Bengal cat standing on its hind legs worth!
    Lively, mischievous and funny – cats just won’t let you get depressed. It’s a pleasure to play with these pets.
    Care for representatives of this breed should begin from the moment of purchase planning. The Bengal cattery gives a visual idea of how much energy is contained in these small animals, so you should not be surprised when some necessary thing turns out to be nothing more than a trinket in the paws of a cat.
    And in order to prevent this, you need to buy special toys for the kitten in advance. At the same time, the more and more diverse they are, the better. And of course, in addition to toys, you will need to think in advance about what to feed the Bengal cat, provide her with a tray and a scratching post.
    By the way, as practice shows, there are usually no difficulties on this issue. The cat quickly understands what these things are for and begins to actively use them. And do not think that a Bengal cat will do fine without a scratching post.
    A Bengal cat, whose character cannot be called calm, can start using furniture to sharpen its claws – which is unpleasant for any owner.
    Wondering about the proper care of your pet, any owner should also buy a harness. That’s because representatives of this breed need to be taken outside at least once a week. Very active and inquisitive Bengals simply will not be able to sit in four walls, they definitely need contact with the outside world. However, it is safest to do this under the supervision of the owner, a harness for this is just what you need.

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