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    I’m mixed on NBA 2K21 MT Coins it. It ceased non shooting builds from having access to lightning jumpshots. Not everyone in basketball could shoot so for builds that can’t shoot needed to make a sacrifice if they want the capability to shoot better or quicker with their badges that are restricted. However as a individual with shooting in their build, this is a pain in the buttocks squeezing these badges. I have a 81 3 ball but, my man took 12 years to take, so it was impossible to find an open look without it being contested. And because I utilize HoF QD, that’s four badges that could’ve went somewhere else. There’s a lot of badges that are gimmicky I want to test but when 95% of my badges are tied into shooting badges, you can not really experiment.

    Perhaps make rate or even animations be tied into some stats? Kind of like how dribble motions are tied into chunk handling. Since I don’t want to find a 7 foot glass cleaner jumping 4 feet into the air. Shit looks ridiculous. Make it non shooting bigs. So under a 50 3 stage rating can just use shots that are put. In case ur 3 is finished that you may use jump shot founder or utilize rapid shots. No need for a badge for it. Mike Wang last year about that time stated that men were allowed to have set shots. And the large YouTubers along with Twitter complained and got changed like a week after the statement.

    2K has the potential to make basketball games that are good however, they listen to the parts of the 2K community. If they ceased caving into the idiotic Twitter community along with also the YouTubers that rely on cheese and exploits to be good, 2K would be in a much better place right now. People are saying Mike Wang explained they had issues with place shots being exclusive for bigs however, I can not find that anywhere. I see his statement assembles because jumpshots will be the same. And of course I find it hard to believe that a dev would announce a new attribute a month before release and then under a week later, states that the attribute would not be in NBA 2K21.

    If you are going with that then may too take out catch and take, touch finisher, intimidator, and quick first step because those have all been must haves for me. No just take intimidator out. Or at least make it just work on contests. All the other ones make sense to get. They might maybe take out contact finisher and rather than having bundles of touch dunks you’ve got every separate dunk and you need to figure out which ones trigger the most and which ones work the best. Like how people search for the jumpshot, you’ll have to look for the ideal contact dunks.

    Speedy attraction is a MUST have is it? I guess it just depends on the jumpshot you are using. I use quickdraw but merely. Anything faster than that is too much for me. And honestly, once you’ve got Deadeye on HoF does it matter how quickly you receive away the ball? 99 percent of the time? Shoot and catch is in the same boat. Deadeye, hot zone hunter Volume shot and variety extender are the only MUST HAVE shooting on badges in my personal opinion. Intimidator isn’t run by Buy NBA 2K MT me either but I just had 5 defensive upgrades available so I place them in pickpocket and clamps.

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