They started the new dev cycle it will get additional if it wasn't implemented

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    Thank you for your ideas. I will not eliminate you post for today since you put a lot of effort into it, please recall for the next time. Also you may want to add these ideas. Agree to kick like six siege since in rec, there’s always this one random in 2K MT my group who only stops playing defense since he is not getting enough touches.

    I’ve run into a few men that do it, but I have also seen men in squads freeze out the arbitrary (so ) they have paired with. If you are intentionally not giving somebody the ball Because they’re not your buddy, particularly when they’re open, then you deserve to get sold, Because you are selling them. This but squads have to match up with different squads. 2K has a large enough player base that meh squads should fit up contrary to god squads trying to bar stomp, not with meh squads within their area.

    When they begin producing following years you should have submitted this back in nov/December 2019. True, but they still make adjustments to games while they’re out, so that I don’t think anything on the list is so mad that it could not be done in the 6 months prior to another one comes out. It is also more of a discussion post than something I expect 2K to do. This gotta be your 1st 2K if you believe that. If are you really not aware of 2K’s rigorous resiliency to fixing any gameplay problems. They’re like madden in their capacity to discover every excuse to not fix gameplay issues.

    They started the new dev cycle it will get additional if it wasn’t implemented as a notion b4. You search at of the 2K’s prior and can see the proof in this subs history simply search wishlist from the search bar. Since 2K20 has been released they’ve took out the behind the back, buffed badge progression, nerfed pro-am rep to ensure it is equivalent to park, altered gameplay rate several times, altered center rate, improved rec matchmaking, buffed and nerfed on chunk steals. The majority of the changes I’ve suggested would be of similar problem as these things and they have time to perform them. The majority of the Cheap NBA 2K Coins list isn’t unreasonable, although Things like mycareer probably aren’t realistic in this time frame. I don’t believe because I don’t think they care, they’ll do them, but they’ve the time.

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