Shayan Mortazavi, the founder of Ontario Youth Advisory Club (OYAC), believes in the importance of professional networking among youth and teenagers…

This group is a non-profit, non-partisan, and non-religious group which has been formed to make an effective and productive relationship among youth and teens to make a platform for discovering their own talents and developing their career and personal life through sharing their reliable educational, social, economical, and cultural information. The importance of forming such a group is that the youth community has an important role in the future of our lovely country, Canada. This country has provided all the facilities for our growth and the youth should take the maximum usage and benefit of these facilities to develop our capabilities in the various area.

We express the many fields of study both in your current highschool years as well as those you can choose from in your upcoming years to come; either in the later years of highschool, or after graduation. In addition, we provide numerous opportunities for international students to adapt to the current education system and provide all with the available volunteer opportunities.  For those interested in universities, we provide a series of scholarship opportunities covering a vast majority of fields, including scholarships from big companies to banks and to the university scholarships themselves.

Through us, many are able to find their place with others, create their relationships and trust. To help each other either through academics or real-life problems. A place to find your interests and hobbies, your talents and your weaknesses. A place where the youth can discover who they are and where they belong.