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    I have done them until I got the big Madden player benefits. Would you continue to perform them until you finish? I feel Mut 20 coins as the grind doesn’t receive a large sufficient reward.I’m with you. Consistently just been a franchise man but I beat every team by 50 in franchise and got tired of it so figured I would try out this out.I only pay 5 a week for the weekly fantasy pack. Its usually 30k coins. But yah imo idk if theres anything else you can do for no money.

    Exactly. That is why I am pissed. It will work the way. But the majority of the time that the button wont do anything. Like I choose pass protect, but the route wont go away and my options dont disappear. Just like it doesnt realize there was a button pressed. If I press repeatedly it will be taken by it at the last couple of seconds. But try to throw it quickly before I get struck, and I must give up on it. It is a weird glitch which makes no sense. I understand in case it’s a path that begins as play 15, it not working. Nonetheless, it’s just a swing pass that I’m attempting to cancel. It feels like it is an issue that most people dont deal with.

    Just tried a game on play I played the saints. And every time that I attempted to set the running back to pass protect, the x would flash under Kamara. Then it would not change this, and that I keep hitting r2 and nothing else occurs. I tried every combination of rb recieving routes. 2 rbs even tried in shotgun and one would change to pass protect. But any time I set the line to max protect, the running backs and tight ends would switch to pass protection and that I cant get certain routes back after I offset them. However, at least I can set the end to a route or something simple. Along with my running back can help prevent. However, it kinda ruins where all the paths are from people at stake some plays.

    We know that a Madden player’s OVR regresses as they become older and don’t play. But the dev attribute should too. Consider it. X Factor and Superstar skills are supposed to reflect the effect certain Madden players may have on a game. An elderly Madden player isn’t going to get exactly the same impact as they did when they were younger.I can not. I need to grind towards obtaining this redux cardand that I need likely 40 more wins of the. I am aware that there are a couple more days, and I am not trying to buy madden coins to get all of them in one night or anything, but I must do it.

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