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    Fix the new runescape player experience. Most open world MMOs have places that you work your way through in a practical order, with monsters growing RuneScape gold in power etc.. You can achieve that by creating a’primary’ quest line that moves you through the world, uncovering new places and introducing you to new items as you level (e.g bossing, the several skills, the GE, etc). The open planet is overly open world at match degree that is early. You have space to run through this questline since we are going to freemium. We need to be appealing to new runescape players once again, both in getting them and maintaining them.

    Properly reintroduce AFK’s concept. For some reason RS3 define AFK as’not click’. AFK used to imply from keyboard lol. On OSRS you can AFK in sandcrabs, NMZ or splashing for between 10 and 20 minutes at one time. Genuinely AFK. This is massively popular with the introduction of mobile because it means those with desk jobs might actually train up accounts (recall those new ones you are going to provide us METAs/motivations to make?). Contemplating RS3 has an old runescape playerbase, this is needed. The version is set out with mining – attention to be paid by good XP to get AFK, great XP. Roll it out for all abilities. It has to be something you can do in an account’s source through to par 99/120/whatever.

    Content has to be better. The runescape player base feels eligible for an update weekly. I recall back when that was not the situation, but the runescape players today feel that is the rate they ought to expect. If you can’t meet this schedule, which IMO would not be considered unreasonable bearing in mind just how much more detail moves in an update communicate that with the runescape players and change the expectation. If properly communicated since the new standard, and quality was high (please begin testing things lol), I don’t see why the runescape player base could be angry at a proper monthly update. Still 4 weeks worth of articles, but in 1 hit QA tested, correctly adding value to the runescape game. A good deal of the outrage at the moment is because developer time is clearly between MTX and real content.

    Possibly, but it’s not a very good replacement for membership from the standpoint of Jagex. After all, the reason runescape players receive membership is so that they could play with p2p content. Membership is compulsory if you would like to do the majority of content runescape sport has to offer. If you just made all p2p content f2p and replaced membership using a Runepass-like subscription which would be completely optional, I’d bet a vast majority of all runescape players, particularly maxed runescape players who could not care less about the additional xp, would not purchase to buy RuneScape Mobile gold. You may have some who care about the cosmetics who prefer, but I seriously doubt it would come close to compensate for the sum of earnings Jagex makes from membership coupons and bonds in RS3.

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