Bewitching Beauty of Bali Where to Eat in Bali

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    What do they eat here

    The king of any party, of course, rice. Desserts and main dishes are made from it, and they are brought as gifts to the gods. In fact, all Indonesian cuisine is rice and noodles (noodles or rollton in our opinion), chicken, eggs, tofu, various marinated / stewed and fresh vegetables and coconut milk soups with curry. A discovery for us was peanut butter sauce, it is different in every establishment in the heart of desert , but believe me, it will add zest to any dish.

    A few favorites:
    • mie goreng (rice noodles with fried egg, stewed spinach, chicken/tofu and mini salad)
    • chicken sate (chicken skewers with peanut sauce and mini salad)
    • gado-gado (stewed vegetables with tofu in peanut butter sauce ) pasta)
    • nasi campur (just a little bit of everything)

    Bali is a real gastronomic paradise. Without exaggeration, every meal is a taste orgasm. The concentration of European cafes is simply over the top: gluten free, vegan and vegetarian are literally on every menu. Avocado, quinoa, tuna and coconut milk soup are commonplace, and what kind of falafels and sugar-free diet desserts are here – I generally keep quiet.

    Where to eat delicious in Ubud

    Just take my word for it – in these places you will immerse yourself in a complete taste idyll. In almost every establishment, the price tag does not exceed $ 6-7 for food and drink, and in some it is even cheaper.

    Bookmark and try to avoid tasteless food at tourist spots:

    @mudracafe is the best Salmon Benedict I’ve ever had!
    @milkandmadu – take a salad with falafel, it seems that I have not tried tastier yet. And gas station, damn, how do they do it? More friends recommended pizza 4 cheese.
    @the_elephant_ubud – there is love for everything: from the interior to the flavor combinations, as well as an incredibly beautiful view of the artist’s path of biking, plus 15% tax is already included.
    @zestubud – coconut pizza with cashew sauce and the best vegan cheesecake.
    @yellowflowercafe – You have to trek through the jungle to get to this place, but you will be rewarded with beauty and atmosphere. Here they cook delicious national “nasi campur” with fish.
    @balibuda— very inexpensive prices, cool atmosphere and delicious food, and also the cheapest coconut.
    @mywarung is really the most delicious national “chicken sate” and one of the best long black coffee.
    @kafe_ubud – a large selection of dishes and everything is insanely delicious. Unreal carrot cake.

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